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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • bug
    IMP / IMP3
    Bugs/errors etc.
  • discussion
    IMP / IMP3
    Issues which require a discussion
  • documentation
    IMP / IMP3
    Add documentation
  • enhancement
    IMP / IMP3
    Improving/extending an existing feature
  • feature
    IMP / IMP3
    New feature/tool/step
  • incident
    IMP / IMP3
    Denotes a disruption to IT services and the associated issues require immediate attention
  • installation
    IMP / IMP3
    Installation and set-up of the pipeline
  • test
    IMP / IMP3
    Test new feature/option/code
  • update
    IMP / IMP3
    An update of the code or a tool/database is required