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Improvement/interface changes

Carlos Vega requested to merge improvement/interface_changes into master

Closes #282 (closed), Closes #281 (closed), Closes #283 (closed), Closes #284 (closed), Closes #248 (closed), Closes #294 (closed), Closes #247 (closed)

Show finished events in daily planning as read-only Screenshot_2019-01-08_at_11.23.15

Show event status in daily planning Screenshot_2019-01-08_at_11.23.17

Automatically add extra-availability or regular availability if a worker without availability is assigned an appointment Screenshot_2019-01-04_at_16.25.53

Ability to add appointment types Screenshot_2019-01-04_at_11.21.37 Screenshot_2019-01-08_at_14.03.57

Possibility to remove appointment Screenshot_2019-01-08_at_11.25.06


Add default language to the list of languages of the subject in the flags tooltip

Issues with the interface

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