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minerva (14.0.0~alpha.0) unstable; urgency=low
* Feature: security layer redesigned - privilge types and scope changed
(#636, #624)
* Feature: log4j is replaced with log4j2 logging mechanism (#291)
* Feature: database installed via debian package is done via dbconfig-commons
* Feature: Replaced connection pool manager C3P0 with better maintained
Hikari (#564)
* Feature removal: BioCompendium annotator removed (#32)
* Small improvement: anonymous login is no longer required - each API query
outside session is authorized with anonymous user privileges (#629)
* Small improvement: bcrypt is used for password encryption (#387)
* Small improvement: caching is active by default for new users when
uploading project (#202)
* Small improvement: when removing overlay in admin panel there is a
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