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......@@ -30,16 +30,18 @@ This is package aims to provide constraint based reconstruction and analysis too
To install this package: `] add ???`. See the documentation for more information.
## Quick Example
Let's use `COBREXA.jl` to perform classic flux balance analysis on an *E. coli* community.
using JuMP
using Tulip # pick any solver supported by JuMP
# download the model
model_file ="", "iJO1366.json")
# Import E. coli models (models have pretty printing)
model_1 = read_model("iJO1366.json")
model_2 = read_model("iJO1366.json")
model_3 = read_model("iJO1366.json")
model_1 = read_model(model_file)
model_2 = read_model(model_file)
model_3 = read_model(model_file)
# Build an exascale model
exascale_model = join(model_1, model_2, model_3,...)
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