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explain the multi-gene knockouts better

Fixes #520

A complete fix might be better in the future (see #552).
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A modification that zeroes the bounds of all reactions that would be knocked
out by the specified genes (effectively disables the reactions).
out by the combination of specified genes (effectively disabling the
A slightly counter-intuitive behavior may occur if knocking out multiple genes:
Because this only changes the reaction bounds, multiple gene knockouts _must_
be specified in a single call to [`knockout`](@ref), because the modifications
have no way to remember which genes are already knocked out and which not.
In turn, having a reaction that can be catalyzed either by Gene1 or by Gene2,
specifying `modifications = [knockout(["Gene1", "Gene2"])]` does indeed disable
the reaction, but `modifications = [knockout("Gene1"), knockout("Gene2")]` does
_not_ disable the reaction (although reactions that depend either only on Gene1
or only on Gene2 are disabled).
knockout(gene_ids::Vector{String}) =
(model, optmodel) -> _do_knockout(model, optmodel, gene_ids)
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