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Hi all,

I believe this version has enough material to keep people going.

It's not exactly Carpentry, but it follows the same principle of being able to just run the exercises straight into the terminal. While the exercises are focused on using the shell as a File Explorer --- as one goes through them --- there are enough notions to spread out in many different directions.

After the File Explorer part is completed --- provided there is enough time left --- I will consult the audience about which direction they want to take. So, if they are super uninterested in connecting to the server, I can just skip that and move to a little example I prepared for modification of textual files and some basic replacement functionality.

  • Only very late in the process did I realise that I can have many slides in a single file, simply separating them by three newlines ... that would have saved me a lot of hassle

  • Can I embed a YouTube video? I tried with the iframe, but it did not work for me by simply copy-and-paste-ing from the YouTube's share button.

  • Once this is over, I would love to merge the practical parts into single md files (by topic) and render them using Gitlab (Pages?) ... I hope some of you can help me achieve that

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