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  • I removed PuTTY, except for a reference

  • There is a super-short intro into servers, ports and ssh on a general level

  • Substituted with MobaXTerm

    • That being said, I think R3 probably does things differently as Moba interface for Key-based generation and authentication looks almost exactly as PuTTY's which @Trefex dislikes (besides, it looks like they co-opted the guy behind PuTTY to do this)
    • I tried to keep to clickable interfaces as much as possible;
    • My first attempt to ssh was actually using the built-in terminal in Moba. This was successful, but not reproducibly (on later attempts, ssh-agent appeared not to have been present) [I was not personally doing this, rather made a novice user do it over WebEx so maybe there was something else at play]
  • Shell content is still in flux (and not in this merge),but follows more or less this pattern

    • We're in a shell -- move around using basic commands (cd, ls and so on)
    • Crucial shell variables
    • Viewing material: cat, less and friends
    • Basic pipes
    • Understanding the limits of the system (it maybe seems counter-intuitive to start with this so soon, but in my experience novice users tend to think about servers as a black box with unlimited resources)
      • proc/cpuinfo
      • ps aux|grep
      • df
      • free
    • ...
  • I removed tunnels due to time constraints

  • Note that I have years of experience with Org/Latex/Beamer/Powerdot and few days worth of reveal.js

    • Slides are rudimentary, but helpful as the orientation for me as the instructor
    • When it comes to practical parts I would much rather have them as free-form, scrollable Gitlab Pages
    • Feedback will be acknowledged, but implemented afterwards
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