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Adding additional information about the MATLAB test commands

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......@@ -25,11 +25,16 @@ Don't forget to properly configure `git` with your username and email as explain
- Before submitting the merge request, verify locally that your code is running properly.
Simply execute it
To do so, open the MATLAB application and type `matlabroot`. This will return the path to the MATLAB application. Note or copy this path and exit MATLAB.
NOTE: Do not copy the apostrophes, as they just denote the returned string.
Open the Terminal and execute the following command:
$ matlab -nodesktop -nosplash < test_myName.m
$ matlabroot/bin/matlab -nodesktop -nosplash < test_testAll.m
and verify that no error is reported.
NOTE: `matlabroot`in the terminal window refers to the copied path from the previous instruction.
- Create a merge-request.
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