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# Installing Owncloud Desktop Client
1. Please try following link to download the owncloud desktop client depending on your operating system (this is an example for Windows, similar steps for other OS) -
2. Start the owncloud client installation by clicking twice on the downloaded file
3. Owncloud Setup Wizard will pop-up, like below image -
<img src="../../external/img/setup-wizard-01.png" height="300px"><br/>
4. Click **Next**
5. Clic **Next** when Custom Setup window appears -
<img src="../../external/img/custom-setup-01.png" height="300px"><br/>
6. Click **Install** on Ready to Install window -
7. Click **Yes** when asked if you want to allow this app to install software on your PC -
<img src="../../external/img/user-account-control.png" height="300px"><br/>
**Note**- If you do not have admin rights, please ask SIU to provide you the admin rights on the laptop or do the installation for you.
8. Click **Finish** when the owncloud setup wizard completes -
<img src="../../external/img/setup-wizard-complete.png" height="300px"><br/>
9. Please enter **** when the following window appears -
<img src="../../external/img/server-address.png" height="300px"><br/>
10. Enter User Credentials -
* Username - firstname.lastname
* Password - LUMS password
<img src="../../external/img/user-credentials.png" height="300px"><br/>
11. It may ask you to trust the **certificate**, please do so by clicking **OK**
12. Once you are done with above steps, you should see something as below -
<img src="../../external/img/local-folder-options.png" height="300px"><br/>
13. You can choose if you want the Owncloud folder in a different location by clicking on **Local folder** bar as shown in above image.
14. From above image, you can also **choose what to sync**, as you may not need all the folders downloaded on your latpop, which you do not need.
15. You can select on unselect folders and subfolders on preference.
16. Then select **connect** and you are done.
17. Once the synchronization is finished, you should see something as below -
<img src="../../external/img/synchronization.png" height="300px"><br/>
18. From the activity you can see what was **synced**, **not synced** and **server activity**
<img src="../../external/img/activity.png" height="300px"><br/>
19. On windows, the Owncloud bar is on the right hand corner under hidden icon **^**
20. For quick access to owncloud folder, please go to **Local Disk (C:)** > **Users** > **yourname** and then right click on the Owncloud folder and select **Pin to Quick access**
<img src="../../external/img/quick-access.png" height="300px"><br/>
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* [Reset UL password with a Mac](./external/passwords/mac-reset)
* [Registering human-subject data to DAISY](./external/daisy/)
* [VPN-Cerbere](./external/vpn-cerbere-access/)
* [Installing-Owncloud-Client](./external/installing-owncloud-client/)
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