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## Current LabCards
* [Backup guidance](./internal/backup/)
* [Backup staff computer](./internal/backup/R3labCARD-backup_computer.html)
* [Backup servers](./internal/backup/R3labCARD-backup_services.html)
* [Checksums for data integrity](./internal/checksum/)
* [De-Identification of human-subject data](./internal/de-identification/)
* [Deleting data and sanitising media](./internal/sanitisation/)
* Encrypt [disks](./internal/encryption/disk/) or [files and folders](./internal/encryption/file/)
* [Exchange data with collaborators](./external/exchange-channels/)
* [File naming](./internal/file_naming/)
* [Link HPC to OwnCloud](./internal/misc/)
* [Password management](./internal/passwords/)
* [Registering human-subject data to DAISY](./internal/daisy/)
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