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Git clients

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# Git clients
## Installation of Git
You can find installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux on the [Git webpage](
## GUI clients
Here is a list of suggested Git GUI clients:
* [Sourcetree](
* [Fork](
* [SmartGit](
You can find more clients on the [Git webpage](
## IDEs
There are also several IDEs (integrated development environments) that have git functionalities included:
* [GitLab WebIDE](
* [Visual Studio Code](
* [Atom](
* [IntelliJ](
* [PyCharm](
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* [Registering human-subject data to DAISY](./external/daisy/)
* [Markdown markup language](./external/markdown/)
* [LUMS account](./external/lums-passwords)
* [Git clients](./external/git-clients/)
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