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add step for decryption of downloaded data from DUMA - web interface

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......@@ -59,6 +59,16 @@ In the following steps we provide instructions on how to use DUMA web interface.
5. At any time you can launch **IBM Aspera Connect** to display the status of uploads to or downloads from your computer. <br/>
![Alt](duma_8.png "Title")
6. All data are encrypted on server side and they stay encrypted also upon download. For decryption, you have to navigate into your **IBM Aspera Connect** window and click "**Unlock encrypted files**". <br/>
![Alt](duma_9.png "Title") <br/>
You will be prompted for encryption passphrase which you should already have received from the repository administrator. <br/>
![Alt](duma_10.png "Title") <br/>
Encrypted files are by default kept on your disc after decryption. If you want to change this behaviour, navigate to Options->Settings and check "Delete encrypted files when finished" box.
<a name="DUMA_CLI"></a>
## Accessing DUMA via Command-Line Tool
In the following steps we describe instructions on how to use DUMA web interface.
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