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......@@ -27,14 +27,12 @@ In order to create a new project:
<!-- <a name="PM2"></a> -->
## 3.2 Manage Project Details
[**See full section here.**]({{ "/manual/project_management_details/" | relative_url }})
When you first create a *Project* in DAISY, it will be isolated, with no links to other entities. The project page provides shortcuts to create (and edit) following entities: dataset, contract, personnel, contacts, documentation and publications. If you use these shortcuts the newly created entities will automatically be linked to the project.
To add some details, click plus button in the particular entity box.
<span style="display:block;text-align:left">![Alt]({{ "img/add_details_button.png" | relative_url }}){:width="400px"}</span>
[**See full section here.**]({{ "/manual/project_management_details/" | relative_url }})
[**See full section Project Management**]({{ "/manual/project_management_details/" | relative_url }})
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