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Here you would normally put your contact information.
--- DAISY is open source software designed to keep data inventory, it helps organisations meet the accountability requirement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
How to cite us:
* DAISY: A Data Information System for accountability under the General Data Protection Regulation. GigaScience, Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2019, [giz140](
Source code and issue tracking:
You can find out more info about customizing your Jekyll theme, as well as basic Jekyll usage documentation at []( * See DAISY github repo [here](
You can find the source code for this theme at Gitlab:
We have successfully helped in publishing at least (their number is increasing) the following websites:
* [Page of theme](
* [This very page](
* [Minerva doc's](
* [PDmap blog](
* [IMP](
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If you need help, don't hesitate to send us (`lcsb-sysadmins (at)`) an email! In case of problems with this website please contact [LCSB data stewards](
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