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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ If you are interested, have found any issues with the layout or have a helpful s
5. Modify site's settings (`_config.yml`) to match your needs. Refer to the next section for help.
6. Modify the index page. Modify (or delete) help and about pages. Add your own content.
7. Add your changes (`git add .`), commit (`git commit -m "Initial commit"`) and push (`git push --set-upstream master`) to the repository.
7. Add your changes (`git add .`), commit (`git commit -m "Initial commit"`) and push (`git push --set-upstream origin master`) to the repository.
8. Your page is published! Go to `https://<namespace>` in your favourite browser, or the URL you specified in the SIU ticket.
9. In gitlab, go to **Settings** (under left-hand menu) > **General** > **Advanced** (hit `Expand` button) > **Remove fork relationship** (red button), then follow the instructions from the pop-up.
10. If you want to have your page publicly available - contact us (`lcsb-sysadmins (at)`), we will make a ticket to SIU.
......@@ -67,4 +67,4 @@ You probably didn't add `permalink` attribute. Or the post has `published: false
It never happened before, please notify us immediately.
### Other problems?
Please send us an email! (`lcsb-sysadmins (at)`)
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Please send us an email! (`lcsb-sysadmins (at)`)
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