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## 6 Definitions Management
# 6 Definitions Management
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DAISY *Definitions* module allows for the management of *Contacts*, *Cohorts* and *Partners*.
<!-- <a name="COH_M"></a> -->
### 6.1 Cohorts
## 6.1 Cohorts
Cohort is a study that collects data and/or bio-samples from a group of participants (e.g. longitudinal case-control or family studies). A cohort is linked to the creation of data and is considered its ultimate source.
In order to effectively handle data subjects' requests, as per GDPR, it is crucial that an institution keeps track of what data it keeps from which cohorts. Inline with this, DAISY allows maintaining a list of *Cohorts* and link *Datasets* to *Cohorts*.
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ The information kept on cohorts can be seen in the associated *Editor Page* seen
<!-- <a name="PAR_M"></a> -->
### 6.2 Partners
## 6.2 Partners
A *Partner* is a research collaborator that is the source and/or recipient of human data. Partners are also legal entities with whom contracts are signed. Clinical entities that run longitudinal cohorts, research institutes, or data hubs are all examples of Partners.
In accordance, when maintaining *Data Declaration's* data source, *Dataset* transfer or when creating *Contract* records, you will be asked to select Partners.
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ The information kept on partners can be seen in the associated *Editor Page* see
<span style="display:block;text-align:center">![Alt]({{ "img/partner_edit_form.png" | relative_url }}){:width="800px"}</span>
<!-- <a name="CONN_M"></a> -->
### 6.3 Contacts
## 6.3 Contacts
*Contacts* are people affiliated with the external partner institutions (e.g. collaborator principle investigators, project officers at the EU).
DAISY keeps the contact details (e.g email address, affiliations) of external collaborators related to the *Projects*, *Datasets*, *Cohorts* and *Contracts*.
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