Commit 32b804b0 authored by Jacek Lebioda's avatar Jacek Lebioda
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Merge branch '9-update-the-theme-automatically' into 'develop'

Update .gitlab-ci.yml

See merge request core-services/pages-jekyll-lcsb-template!14
parents 64f0202d 2901ad41
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ build the website:
stage: build
- gem install bundler -v2.0.2
- bundle install && bundle update
- bundle install && bundle update jekyll-theme-lcsb-default && bundle update jekyll-theme-lcsb-frozen-components
- 'echo "baseurl: /$CI_PROJECT_NAME" >> _config_ci.yml'
- 'echo "url: https://$CI_PROJECT_NAMESPACE.$CI_PAGES_DOMAIN" >> _config_ci.yml'
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