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......@@ -218,9 +218,55 @@ When you do `ls -al` you see a different view and many hidden files.
ls -al
## Start a simple program:
## Command line tools and parameters
* Intro to command, parameters
Let's do something fun!
On our server, we will download a zip file, unzip the contents, make a small change and re-zip everything together. Ready? First, let's understand the zip command.
* Connect to the server
* Go to folder `myFirstFolder`
* Zip the two files you created
zip myFile.txt file3.txt
* Check the contents of the zip archive
unzip -l
Couple of notes:
* `-l` is a parameter. You can see what these parameters mean by doing `man unzip`.
* Google is your friend!
### Let us download a zip from the Internet and extract its contents
Let's go:
wget -O
* First I check the contents to make sure it's what I wanted:
unzip -l
* If I am satisfied, I can safely extract
* How to zip my folder? Unzip?
* wget -> untar -> changes -> re-pack
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