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#### Download your Terminal if you don't have one already.
+ **Windows**
+ **Windows** (you will need both)
+ PuTTy (use Windows installer) [download](
+ MobaXterm [download](
> Remarks: In Windows, there is a default command line, called command prompt. However, the names of many commands is different and some commands do not exist. For that reason, use another terminal, such as MobaXterm.
+ **Mac**
+ iTerm2 [download](
+ Terminal
+ **Linux**
+ Terminal
### 2. Generate your SSH key
#### Background information
+ What is SSH?
<img src="images/screen3.png" width=600>
* What is a SSH key pair?
<img src="images/screen4.jpg" width=400>
#### Key generation
+ **Windows**
......@@ -95,11 +101,16 @@ This task has been done already by your awesome R3 team.
* In which folder am I? (Hint: pwd)
* What is the contents of the current folder? (Hint: ls)
* Creating my first file (Hint: touch)
* Creating my first folder (Hint: mkdir)
* Creating my first folder called "myFirstFolder" (Hint: mkdir)
* How do I enter my folder? (Hint: cd)
* Moving my first file to the new folder (Hint: mv)
* Copying **** (Hint: cp)
## A couple remarks on file / folder names
* Try not to use spaces
* Try to capitalize some words for easier reading
* for instance: thislongfoldernameisnotveryreadable, but ThisLongFolderNameIsQuiteReadable
## Learn more about any *nix command
* Go to your home folder (Hint: cd <no arguments>)
......@@ -110,7 +121,7 @@ This task has been done already by your awesome R3 team.
* Logout of the VM (Hint: logout)
* Go to training folder (./linux-training) (Hint: cd)
* Copy file1.txt to “my first folder” on the VM (Hint: scp –P 8022 first.lastname@1079.2.191:/myfirstfolder/)
* Copy file1.txt to “myFirstFolder” on the VM (Hint: scp –P 8022 first.lastname@1079.2.191:/myfirstfolder/)
## Start a simple program:
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