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> Do you realize you are currently changing a file in a remote server and it feels like you are using Notepad? Much awesome!
* When you are done, you can save by hitting `ctrl-o`
* When you are done, you can save by hitting `ctrl-o`, and then `Enter`.
* Now you can quit with `ctrl-x`
* Others, like vim, emacs, Atom, Sublime, etc…
* There are many other text editors for terminal only, such as vi, vim and emacs to name a few.
## File System explore
### Midnight Commander `mc`
* Installing
* Windows (MobaXterm) / Linux `apt-get install mc`
* MacOS X `brew install mc`
> If you don't have brew, install it at:
* [Tutorial](
* if function keys do not work, use `Esc`+`1` for `F1`, `Esc`+`2` for `F2`, ..., `Esc`+`9` for `F9` and `Esc`+`0` for `F10`
* if you do not have an `Insert` key (e.g. on Apple keyboards) use `Ctrl`+`t` for (un-)selecting files and folders
## Scripts – bash
## Scripts - Running and Writing your own
* Simple `bash` scripting [Tutotial](
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