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# Checklist upon arrival in Luxemburg
This checklist for newcomers will provide you with some practical advice what to take care of before arriving in Luxembourg. The pdf document for download can be found [here](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/LCSB%20Handbook/Appendix%20files/Newcomer%20Checklist%20upon%20Arrival%20in%20Luxembourg.pdf).
### Welcome to Luxembourg!
Arriving in a new country means also dealing with bureaucracy. Here we would like to give you a first overview of the things that you need to do upon arrival.
### Living in Luxembourg
- Register at your [local commune]( ("Hotel de Ville") within
- 3 days of arrival for all non-EU citizens
- 8 days for EU citizens staying longer than 3 months
Take with you your passport, renting contract of accommodation, certified
birth certificate and work contract. After registration you will receive a
paper card that states on which address you have been registered. At the
same time you can also register your drivers license (only for EU citizens)
##### Within 3 months:
- Register your vehicle. For more information [check here](
- Apply for your residence permit (only for non-EU citizens)
##### Within 1 year:
- Apply for a [Luxembourg driving license]( (only for non-EU citizens)
### Children
- Register children at their school
### Money
- Open a bank account and order credit/debit cards. Be aware that it can
take up to 3 weeks until you receive those bank cards.
- Take with you your passport, work contract and the paper card you got from the commune when registering.
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# Newcomer Checklist before Arriving in Luxembourg
This checklist for newcomers will provide you with some practical advice what to take care of before arriving in Luxembourg. The pdf document for download can be found [here](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/LCSB%20Handbook/Appendix%20files/Newcomer%20Checklist%20Before%20Arriving%20in%20Luxembourg.pdf).
### Entering Luxembourg
- Check the validity of your passport!
- Check your entry and residence conditions! Depending on your nationality you will need a **visa and/or residence permit**. Detailed information on who needs such permits and which documents are required can be found [on the euraxess]( homepage.
- Depending on your nationality you will need a **work permit**. HR will take care of this procedure. They will send you the necessary documents that you need to fill in.
### Getting to Luxembourg
- To avoid extra expenses, only book your flight once you know the first working day of your employment and that you got a visa.
- Luxembourg itself has a small **airport** called Findel in Luxembourg City. Alternatively, one could fly to airport Frankfurt Hahn or Charleroi where low budget airlines are travelling to. There is a direct cheap [bus connection]( between those airports and Luxembourg.
- Please check the Luxembourgish [railway website]( for national and international train connections. To get to the LCSB get off at station Belval Université. Detailed information on how to find the LCSB building can be found [on the university website](
### Health
- All LCSB employees will be covered by CNS health insurance that covers up to 2/3 of your health expenses. To cover the rest of the expenses every employees is free to arrange private insurance at own expense. For details on health insurance and social security check the [Daily Life section of euraxess](
### Looking for accommodation
- In Luxembourg most apartments are rented out by estate agencies. It’s quite common to pay 1 month rent as agency fee and up to 3 months rent as deposit to the landlord. Euraxess provides [further information and compiled a list of useful websites]( for this.
- Alternatively, it is also possible to apply for university housing: PhD students can rent student accommodation for their entire stay at the UL. More information can be found [on the university website]( Researchers can apply for a short- term stay (1 to 3 months) in university housing. [This file]( provides further information on this.
### Tax
- You will receive your tax card automatically per post after the University of Luxembourg has registered you at the social security system. Hand this tax card to HR. They will take care of the rest.
- General information on taxation can be found [on the euraxess website](
### Children
- The LCSB has partnered with a nursery in Esch-sur-Alzette. For more information, please contact:
- If you are accompanied by children bring their school reports. Ceck [the euraxess website]( for more information about the Luxembourgish school system.
### Money
- Please be aware that it can take up to 3 weeks after opening a new bank account until you receive your new banking cards. So make sure you prepare other means to bridge this period.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to welcoming you in person.
**See you soon at the LCSB!**
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# Newcomer's checklist
### Welcome to the LCSB!
Below you can find a to-do-checklist and some practical information aiming to guide your through the first days at the LCSB together with the (corresponding people in charge) in brackets.
### To Do's
* Sign your contract (HR department)
* Attend the University Welcome Meeting: Have your picture taken for our website and get a library card for online access of publications
* Attend the LCSB Welcome Meeting: Administrative welcome presentation (communication team) & Biosafety introduction (safety team)
* Fill in the newcomer's profile for your introduction on the intranet and in the newsletter (communication team)
* Get introduced to your team members, especially to the administrative team (your godparent)
* Have your E-Mail adress added to the relevant LCSB mailing lists (your godparent)
* Read the biweekly LCSB newsletter and explore the [LCSB Intranet](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/Pages/default.aspx)
* Hand in you tax card to the HR once you received it by post (HR department)
* Get your entrance badge (your team's secretary)
### Services and Websites
You will need two accounts to make use of services and tools:
* **UNI-LU account:** To use the IT services, also known as SIU, will give you your account at your first working day
* **LUMS account:** This account is used for particular services (see below) and will be created after you have your UNI-LU account. Your godparent can assist you in that.
#### The **UNI-LU account** is used to access the following services:
* Mail services, including web mail accessible from the browser via: [](
* Microsoft Office & Teams: [](
* University’s Service Portal to create tickets for IT, office setup, and other issues: [](
* SAP, to make leave requests, see and print payslips and other HR-related services: [](
* Webex which is used for all virtual work meetings (implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic), unless the other party requires the use of other software. You can login with UNI-LU account at: [](
* University Intranet: [https://intranet.uni.lux](https://intranet.uni.lux)
* LCSB Intranet: [https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/Pages/default.aspx](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/Pages/default.aspx)
* specific communication channels, such as Slack, Basecamp an others, depending on your team. Your godparent will provide you with further information.
#### The LUMS account is used to access the following services:
* Owncloud, a file cloud deployment at LCSB: [](
* Gitlab, where the bioinformatics core team we manages its work products, source code and websites: [](
* other specific and licence-dependent software that is relevant for your work
#### Enjoy your time at the LCSB!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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# Checklist for godparents
Thank you for accepting thegodparent role and taking the time to help him/her get started at the LCSB!
Below you can find a checklist for the first steps with this task together with the (corresponding people in charge) in brackets.
The overview checklist in .pdf-format ist avaliable [here](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/LCSB%20Handbook/Appendix%20files/Godparent%20Checklist%20-%20newcomers.pdf).
### Tasks for the godparent
- Welcome the new employee
- Introduce the new employee to the administrative staff in order to provide him/her with:
* an entrance badge (your team's secrretary)
* office supplies (communications team)
* a computer (your team's secrretary)
- Show the new employee around and introduce him/her to your group and to the LCSB team
- Make sure that the new colleague receives and signs the Biosafety Information Pack before starting lab work, as all LCSB employees (also administartive staff) must be aware of the guidelines and risks of the labs.
- Explain and show:
* LCSB intranet and newsletter and UL intranet
* Uni/LCSB policies and culture: how to find details about them on the intranet
* ATLAS server structure
* Meetings at LCSB: team meeting (mandatory!), group meetings, TGIF, CETs etc.
* Infrastructure: transport, lunch, chèques repas etc.
* email signature and confidentiality disclaimer
* business cards (to order them contact your group’s team secretary)
- Make sure the new employee is added to the relevant email lists. For this please [open a ticket at ServiceNow](, mentioning the name and **email address of the new employee** and the **email addresses of the required email lists** that he should be added to.
- For details, see the LCSB Handbook on the intranet.
### Thanks for your help!
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# Godparents for Newcomers
Please also consult the [checklist for godparents](
### Summary
In order to help new employees to easily integrate in their new workplace and senior members to better know and understand the new colleague, each new employee will be assigned a "godparent".
### What is a godparent?
Being a godparent is a voluntary function within the LCSB.
A godparent is as a person who, through its experience at the centre and in Luxembourg has gained an extensive knowledge about procedures, rules, corporate culture etc. and who desires to help others, advice new colleagues when they arrive in Luxembourg and who desires to build new relationships.
### What should a godparent do?
A godparent is free to organise and build the relationship with a new employee. However, the following task should be covered.
* Welcome the new employee
* Show the new employee around and introduce him/her to the team and to other LCSB/ members: most importantly to the administrative in order to provide a badge, office supplies…
* Make sure that the new colleague receives and signs the Biosafety Information Pack, as all LCSB employees must be aware of the regulations and risks of the labs
* Explain Uni/ LCSB policies and culture
* Make sure the new employee is added to the relevant email lists. For this please [open a ticket at ServiceNow](, mentioning the name and **email address of the new employee** and the **email addresses of the required email lists** that he should be added to.
* Make sure the newcomer gets access to ATLAS as appropriate.
Duration of godparenting: Minimum 2 months and no longer than 6 months.
### How to become a godparent?
All LCSB members are eligible to become godparents. There are no minimal qualifications required, mentors must only work for at least 6 month at the Uni.
However, in general HR in collaboration with the LCSB’s administration team will shortlist few potential candidates. Potential candidates shall be contacted and asked if they accept the function. In a case of refusal the next candidate on the list will be contacted.
Preferred candidates for this assignment are members of the same unit or project, a relevant research field, or the same hierarchical level. To avoid conflicts of interest, in principle PI or superiors are to be avoided as godparents.
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# Onboarding new members at the LCSB
## Purpose
The LCSB regularly welcomes newcomers who have just joined one of the research groups or the support teams.
The on-boarding process aims to ensure their smooth insertion within their group and within the LCSB.
It completes the introduction at the Welcome Day of the university by providing information specific to the LCSB.
On top of practical information, this process should convey the LCSB values and the way we all work together.
## 1. Godparents
When a new member joins the LCSB, his team should assign him a godparent who will guide him during the on-boarding process.
The group PI are asked to nominate a senior member of the group as “god-parent”.
The godparent should show the newcomer around the LCSB premises, introduce them to all the relevant LCSB staff (help for networking during social events), and take care of some of the early procedures such as:
- prepare a desk
- get a computer
- get phone
- show how to get office supplies
- register for mail lists
- explain Uni/LCSB intranet, services and [important links](
- introduce to the team
- explain the lunch voucher system and where to get food
## 2. Welcome meetings
- **University Welcome Day**: The newcomers have to attend the University Welcome Day to get a general overview of the university and have their official picture taken for the website.
- **LCSB Welcome meeting**: Once a month a two hours meeting is organised at the LCSB for the members who arrived recently. During the first part, a round table allow participants to introduce themselves and to place their “location sticker” on the LCSB map in BT2 staircase. Then, a member of the communication team presents the LCSB, its goals and values, and provides some practical information (who’s who, basic procedures, where to find answers, etc.). The second part is dedicated to security and safety (building evacuation, emergency exits, lab safety…).
The participants also get a copy of the LCSB annual and research reports and the slides used during the meeting are shared. The newcomers receive a calendar invitation for this meeting, sent by the communication team.
In order to introduce the newcomers to the whole LCSB team, the new members are mentioned in the LCSB newsletter (Photo, name, position and email address in the “Newcomers” section). They can also introduce themselves during the weekly team meeting at the LCSB.
## 3. Checklist for administrative tasks
- Get entrance badge at the Maison du Savoir (Security office on 2nd floor). Check with your team secretary what kind of access you have (rooms and hours) and how to update it if needed.
- Get acquainted with your colleagues, especially your group, the group secretary and the administrative team. The godparent should show the new employee around and introduce them to the LCSB team.
- Get access to the relevant mail lists (LCSB-Team + group list). The godparent should open a ticket in ServiceNow mentioning the name and the email address of the new employee and the required email lists that they should be added to.
- Familiarise with different LCSB tools: ATLAS server (to get access, [open a ticket in service now](, the regular meetings (team meetings, TGIaF, CETs), the lunch vouchers distribution, etc. The godparent should explain how things work at the Uni/LCSB (policies and culture).
- Fill in the profile on [LCSB intranet](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/lcsb/lscb_internal/). Check that the information on the personal webpage on university website is accurate and that the newcomer is mentioned in LCSB people list and in the group member list on the website.
- Set up the proper email signature and confidentiality disclaimer for your university mailbox: [Guidelines on the intranet](https://intranet.uni.lux/the_university/sc/Lists/Policies%20%20Procedures/DispForm.aspx?ID=9)
- Order business cards through your group’s secretary if needed.
- Read the biweekly LCSB newsletter and explore the intranet to stay up to date with what is happening at the LCSB. Send an email to the LCSB communication team if the newcomer hasn’t received it after a few weeks.
- Complete your trainings to get further access to the labs. The godparent should make sure that the new colleague receives the Biosafety, Data Management and Data Protection Training before starting lab work, as all LCSB employees must be aware of the guidelines and risks.
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