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More options for call forwarding.

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## Forwarding phone calls
### To another phone number
If you want to forward phone calls from your office phone to another number, follow these steps:
1. Connect to the university VPN (see instructions above).
......@@ -83,3 +85,17 @@ If you want to forward phone calls from your office phone to another number, fol
5. Check the box in front of "Forward all calls to:".
6. In the drop down menu select the number, or "Add new number" and enter 0 followed by the number you want to forward to (the additional leading zero is necessary to enable calls to outside the university).
7. Click on "Save".
### To voice mail
1. Follow steps 1-5 from above.
2. In the drop down menu select "Voicemail".
3. Click on "Save".
With this option you will get an email with a mp3 file of the voicemail recording.
### More options
You can find more options for call forwarding in [the voice mail options in OWA]( There you can set up call forwarding during specific times, when your calendar shows you as busy, for specific callers only or give a selection of several numbers to forward to.
The drawback is that it will still always first ring your office phone and only when you do not pick up the settings will take effect. Also, **forwarding to foreign numbers is not possible in OWA**.
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