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Anubuthi code

Piotr Gawron requested to merge branch into master

Dear @cherry1112,

Hear is a list of changes that are required:

  • IDE (Eclipse) specific files shouldn't be in the repository, namely: .classpath, .project, .settings folder.
  • log file shouldn't be included in the repository: logs/Mylogs.log
  • temporary files shouldn't be included in the repository: testFiles/blankFile.txt
  • extensions of the file should be used together with the content. Test files that you created are xml files, not just plain txt
  • test files name should be informative. What is NewDrug.txt??
  • why did you put more than one drug to test files that I thought were for single drug test? Like: Bivalirudin.txt, NewDrug.txt

More comments are directly in the code.

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