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......@@ -46,4 +46,8 @@ Create a JSON file with your slide(s) in `YYYY-MM-DD_presentationName/slides` an
For resuming your work on a presentation, you can run the same contribute command:</br>
$ ./ -d YYYY-MM-DD -n presentationName
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## Further information
More information is in the `docs` folder.
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# Additional syntax and formatting
Special syntax (through HTML comments) is available for adding attributes to Markdown elements.
## Slide transition
**data-transition** attribute is used to change default slide transition.
* possible values of *data-transition* attribute: zoom, fade, convex, convex, slide, strike, linear + "-in" and "-out" optional suffixes
* possible values of *data-transition-speed*: fast, slow
* examples:
* Markdown
* fade-out
# My fade-in fade-out slide title
<!-- .slide: data-transition="fade" -->
* zoom-in fade-out
# My zoom-in fade-out slide title
<!-- .slide: data-transition="zoom-in fade-out" data-transition-speed="fast"-->
* fade-in fade-out
<section data-transition="fade">
# My fade-in fade-out slide title
## New slide
* Markdown - three empty lines or separate .md file
* HTML syntax - \<section\> element
## Fragmentation
It is possible to adjust behavior of fragments of your slide, e.g. order in which the elements are shown can be defined by class *fragment* with optional attribute data-fragment-index:
* Markdown
* first element <!-- .element: class="fragment"-->
<!-- .element: class="fragment" data-fragment-index="3" -->
* third element
<!-- .element: class="fragment" data-fragment-index="2" -->
* second element
* HTML syntax
<div class="fragment" data-fragment-index="3">
third element
additional classes extending class fragment:
* special fragment entry: fade-in-then-semi-out, fade-in-then-out, semi-fade-out, zoom-in, fade-up, fade-left, ...
* highlighting: highlight-green, highlight-blue, highlight-red, highlight-current-red, ...
* hiding fragments: current-visible
* simple animation features: grow, shrink, strike
# External resources
For more tips on supported functionality visit official [reveal.js GitHub repository](
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