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# presentation
# Presentation slides
This repository contains all presentations related to R3.
## Prerequisites
In order to use the slide deck, you must have:
- **git**: For convenience, have your SSH key configured on git-r3lab. [Here]( is how to do it.
- **git-lfs**: Installation instructions are [here](
- **Python 3**: It is recommend to use a virtual environment. Information on how to create a virtual environment is [here](
- **yarn**: Instructions are [here](
## How to get started
- Fork this repository
- Clone your fork
$ git clone --recurse-submodules ssh://<yourUsername>/presentations-internal.git
- If the `--recurse-submodules` flag has been omitted, run this command to check for the missing modules and update them:
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
- Open a terminal and work on your presentation:
$ cd presentations-internal
$ pip install .
$ contribute --date="YYYY-MM-DD" --name="yourAwesomeTitle"
## <img src="" height="20px" width="20px"> Tips
- Please create a branch from `develop` before starting to work on your presentation. You could name it `YYYY-MM-DD_yourAwesomeTitle`.
- If you are done with making changes to your presentation, push them to your fork and open a merge request against the `develop` branch.
## <img src="" height="20px" width="20px">Solving the error: `Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt.`
If you get a fatal error complaining about your local grunt installation, please make sure that you have add the `--recurse-submodules` flag when cloning, or that you ran the `git submodule update --init --recursive` command from within
the `presentations-internal` directory.
Please also make sure that you run the `contribute` command from the root of the `presentations-internal` directory.
## How to continue working on a presentation
For resuming your work on a presentation, you can either run the same contribute command:</br>
$ contribute --date="YYYY-MM-DD" --name="yourAwesomeTitle"
or you can navigate to your presentation directory and start `grunt` server:
$ cd YYYY/yourAwesomeTitle/
$ grunt server
## Adding a new slide/slides
Create a Markdown file with your slide(s) in `YYYY-MM-DD_yourAwesomeTitle/slides` and place it into `` file at desired position:
{ "filename": "" },
{ "filename": "" },
{ "filename": "" },
{ "filename": "" }
Supports Markdown
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