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## Usage
### Custom images in the header
### How to configure the page
Open the `_config.yml` file.
* _baseurl_ entry with the name of your repository,
* _title_ entry with your website's title,
* _email_ entry with your email,
* _date_ entry to the year you want to appear in the footer,
* (optional) _banner_ to the name of the folder containing banner images (more later in this readme file)
* (optional) _logo_ to "small" or "big", depending on how wide your banner images are
Save, and commit the file. Every time you commit and push to the repository, the new page will be rebuilt and served.
### How to add new pages to the website?
Create a new `.md` file inside the project's directory.
For example, you can copy `` file (and you can refer to it's contents as to a valid page).
It should contain the following header:
layout: default
title: index
order: 1
* Leave layout as `default`.
* The title attribute (here - `index`) is displayed in the menu, thus rename it to your needs.
* Order attribute (here - `1`) decides about the order in the menu - lower numbers come first.
In addition, you can add `permalink` attribute, which will cause the page to be accessible by the given permalink. For example : `permalink: /something/` refers to ``.
Don't forget to save and commit the file.
### Customise images in the header
Create a folder in `assets/banners` directory, with `banner.svg`, `logos.svg` and `motto.svg` files (for reference, consult `assets/banners/frozen` directory. Do not exceed image dimensions). Update `_config.yml` file with the name of directory you created for the images.
In case `logos.svg` file is wide, change `logo: small` to `logo: big` in `_config.yml` file.
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