Commit 773113b3 authored by Jacek Lebioda's avatar Jacek Lebioda
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Merge branch 'fix-ci' into 'latest'

chore: add git user/email to ci/cd

See merge request core-services/jekyll-theme-lcsb-default!37
parents c60804ab 1189c9d6
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ auto-tag:
# Make sure that it is on latest, otherwise exit. THIS IS A WORKAROUND, AS HAVING BOTH ONLY AND RULES IS NOT POSSIBLE
- '[[ "${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH:-1}" == "$TARGET_BRANCH" ]] && echo "On correct branch ($CI_COMMIT_BRANCH)" || exit 0'
# Set correct git user and email
- git config $GIT_USER
- git config $GIT_EMAIL
# Make sure that the version exists and is correct, and put it in envvar
- cat $VERSION_FILE | grep "VERSION" | tr -d A-z\"\= | tr -d ' '
- VERSION=`cat $VERSION_FILE | grep "VERSION" | tr -d A-z\"\= | tr -d ' '`
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