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......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ Another big advantage of Markdown is that it can contain HTML tags, which makes
|: ^^## Actions |: ^^ <h2>Actions</h2>
|: ^^- [ ] Josh, Alice and Cindy will do this. |: ^^ - [ ] Josh, Alice and Cindy will do this.
|: ^^- [x] Bob stops doing that. |: ^^ - [x] Bob stops doing that.
|: ^^- [ ] Will and Tom will take care of those </pre> |: ^^ - [ ] Will and Tom will take care of those </pre>
|: ^^- [ ] Will and Tom will take care of those </pre> |: ^^ - [ ] Will and Tom will take care of those
* **Analyses, reports and papers** - embedding [R markdown]( in an R project allows you to include executable code and related text in the very same document. This brings unprecedented level of consistency, shareability and reproducibility into the workflows.
* **Online discussion forums** - many scientific and non-scientific discussion forums and social networks support Markdown for formatting the content of messages (e.g. [StackOverflow](, [GitHub](, Reddit or even Facebook)
......@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ contents immediately visible.
### Use search and consult the curation guide to resolve ambiguities
The guide is currently here:
The guide is currently [here](
It includes helpful and authoritative guidelines for almost all fields that you
can fill, including examples.
......@@ -85,6 +84,17 @@ platform, community _and_ collection. Remember to:
- there is search support only for the collections; currently (March 2021) it
seems that you cannot easily search for tools by ELIXIR nodes
On top of that (but also if the tool is not related to ELIXIR) you add further collections:
|Group | Collection |
| ---------------------- | --------------- |
|University of Luxembourg| UniLu|
|Biomedical Data Science | LCSB-BDS|
|Computational Biology | LCSB-CBG|
|Bioinformatics Core | LCSB-BioCore|
### Fill in the tool "Function" very verbosely
The main reason for categorizing tool functions is to provide a systematic way
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