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# Node duplication plugin
A plugin which, based on a pretrained model, suggest nodes which would
be candidates for potential duplication or deduplication.
The plugin relies on an external service running at [](
The availability of the service can be tested ba accessing
First query on a map can take a lot of time since the service first downloads
the whole map, computes various graph-based features for every species
in the map and only then returns the predictions by querying a pretrained model.
The features are then cached.
To compile the plugin run:
- ```npm install```
- ```npm run build```
After that, you should see ```plugin.js``` file in the ```dist``` directory.
This file needs to be uploaded to a place where your Minerva instance can see it.
Then you simply use the URI of the ```plugin.js``` inside the Minerva's plugin
interface to load it.
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