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  • v12.1.0-beta.2
    e6af6d27 · changelog updated ·
  • v12.1.0-beta.1
    38fe5a19 · changelog updated ·
  • v12.0.4
    5c8ed669 · date updated ·
    Release v12.0.4
    • Bug fix: CellDesigner modifications that are drawn as reaction are handled properly (like catalysis)
    • Bug fix: Removing of guest (anonymous) account is forbidden - system is unstable after removing such user
    • Bug fix: Tair database moved to https
    • Bug fix: Taxnomy database changed html output that resulted in problems with resolving species name to the id
  • v12.1.0-beta.0
    d84dff3b · changelog updated ·
  • v12.0.3
    abcc5452 · missing file added ·
    Release v12.0.3
    • Bug fix: SBML model annotations caused errors on upload
    • Bug fix: Export of some models to SBML didn't work properly
    • Bug fix: zip files weren't processed properly
    • Bug fix: required annotations were always required for some types
    • Bug fix: user cannot remove default map anymore
  • v12.1.0-alpha.0
  • v12.0.2
    Release v12.0.2
    • Bug fix: data overlay by annotation type fixed
    • Bug fix: [plugin] getting reactions with set of id larger than 100 elements works properly
    • Bug fix: name of commented protein was remembered for the new comment
    • Bug fix: setting zoom level wasn't ranged and validated
    • Bug fix: when uploading data overlay there is a warning regarding mixed new line characters when necessary
    • Performance: tomcat inside docker image by default can use 3G of memory
  • v12.0.1
    d5be0663 · changelog updated ·
    Release v12.0.1
    • Bug fix: setting default zoom level on submap
    • Bug fix: opened submap had different background then current selection
    • Bug fix: clicking on comments was difficult in OpenLayers
    • Bug fix: general map comment didn't display coordinates properly
    • Bug fix: opening map could crash when CellDesigner file contained duplicate reaction id
    • Bug fix: map is repositioned when info window is outside of current view in OpenLayers library
  • v11.1.3
    0336a9f3 · badly formated line ·
    Release v11.1.3
    • Bug fix RPM: remove directory with contents of unpacked war file when uninstalling
    • Bug fix: don't append Google API key to Google maps javascript URL when it is not set
  • v12.0.0
    69718976 · changelog updated ·
    Release v12.0.0
    • Feature: There is alternative OpenLayers map engine available
    • Feature: database connection configuration (login, password, host, etc) can be modified using /etc/minerva/db.properties file
    • Feature: searching for elements in submap gives marker on top map indicating the submap connection
    • Feature: similar search results are merged
    • Feature: visualization of protein structures by MolArt
    • Feature: reordering of data overlays is supported
    • Feature: support for STRING, STITCH, KEGG, CAZy, BRENDA annotators
    • Feature: annotations contain info about source (there is difference between manual and automatically added annotations)
    • Feature: default permission for new projects are configurable
    • Feature: SBML support (with and without layout extension)
    • Feature: kinetics support
    • Feature: plugin API
    • Feature: all functionalities are provided via REST API
    • Feature: visualization of two (or more) overlaying results (like drug target, mirna target) is highlighted with different icon
    • Small improvement: email for account request contain configurable text
    • Small improvement: transparency level for data overlays is configurable
    • Small improvement: CellDesigner reactions of Modifier type are acceptable
    • Small improvement: performance improved for overlays identified by annotation identifiers
    • Small improvement: Legend is always on top
    • Small improvement: When email content is too big it's compressed
    • Small improvement: Description of chemical panel refers to the disease connected to the map
    • Small improvement: Confirm button when removing data overlay
    • Small improvement: Clicking on data overlayed element behaves in the same way as clicking on not overlayed element
    • Small improvement: Title of list of submaps doesn't contain UNKNOWN tag
    • Small improvement: DOI is supported as miriam type
    • Small improvement: When loading data in search tab there is "LOADING" icon
    • Small improvement: Data overlays can use source element identifiers for filtering
    • Small improvement: Data overlays can submap column to differentiate between maps
    • Small improvement: search by chemical names is possible
    • Small improvement: auto complete functionality for drugs, mirnas and chemicals
    • Small improvement: columns value and type are not mutually exclusive in data overlays
    • Small improvement: column type is case insensitive in data overlays
    • Small improvement: every submap contains default center position and zoom level to customize default view when entering map for the first time
    • Small improvement: data overlays color scale contains configurable default middle color (for 0 values)
    • Small improvement: opening data overlay switch to empty background
    • Small improvement: multiple x-frame domains are allowed
    • Small improvement: No duration of the text notification in overlay tab
    • Small improvement: JS plugin API allows to store data on server side
    • Small improvement: submap reference in publication list
    • Small improvement: size of connection to database reduced to 90 (so default connection pool to postgres is not completely filled with minerva)
    • Small improvement: visualization of sbml function improved (lambda expression removed from the definition)
    • Small improvement: handling of additional miriam types from BiGG ontology
    • Small improvement: configuration options are grouped in categories
    • Bug fix: searching with two queries sometimes resulted in one complex instead of two queries
    • Bug fix: uploaded submaps didn't have hierarchical masking
    • Bug fix: uploading of zip files created by mac doesn't crash due to .DS_Store folder
    • Bug fix: auto complete is case insensitive
    • Bug fix: google maps API 404 errors for non existing tiles are removed
  • v12.0.0-beta.7
    221341ba · changelog updated ·
  • v11.1.2
    700c470b · missing db changes ·
    Release v11.1.2
    • Bug fix: Searching for chemicals with invalid mesh ID crashed
    • Bug fix: opening map that was removed and re-uploaded could crash
    • warning message due to lack of google consent improved
  • v12.0.0-beta.6
    5e0e3624 · changelog updated ·
  • v11.1.1
    Release v11.1.1
    • Bug fix: Updating privileges takes much less time
    • Bug fix: Concurent update on privileges shouldn't crash anymore
    • Bug fix: Search by element id crashed when submaps were available
    • Bug fix: GO connector uses new API, because the old one was turned off and stopped working
  • v12.0.0-beta.5
    5dfe339a · changelog updated ·
  • v12.0.0-beta.4
  • v12.0.0-beta.3
  • v11.1.0
    Release v11.1.0
    • User can provide Google Maps API key that must be registered in google cloud account
    • User data overlays must be Google Maps API terms of use compliant
    • Terms of Use added
  • v12.0.0-beta.2
    9b9dc70b · 12.0.0-beta.2 release ·
  • v11.0.10
    Release v11.0.10
    • Bug fix: link from overview image to search result was broken