Commit d12ef350 authored by Piotr Gawron's avatar Piotr Gawron
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model contains information about user consent for google maps API terms

parent f908511d
......@@ -72,6 +72,9 @@ public class Layout implements Serializable {
private boolean hierarchicalView = false;
private boolean googleLicenseConsent = false;
* If overlay contain hierarchical view then it might be fixed on some
* specific level. This parameter defines the level at which it's fixed or
......@@ -447,4 +450,12 @@ public class Layout implements Serializable {
this.hierarchyViewLevel = hierarchyViewLevel;
public boolean isGoogleLicenseConsent() {
return googleLicenseConsent;
public void setGoogleLicenseConsent(boolean googleLicenseConsent) {
this.googleLicenseConsent = googleLicenseConsent;
alter table layout add column google_license_consent boolean default false;
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