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Commit 8f8e102e authored by Sascha Herzinger's avatar Sascha Herzinger
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servlet logging configuration is magic

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#Set root logger 's level #Set root logger 's level
appenders = console, file appenders = console, file
#Set the behavior of the CONSOLE appender #Set the behavior of the CONSOLE appender
appender.console.type = Console appender.console.type = Console = STDOUT = STDOUT
appender.console.layout.type = PatternLayout appender.console.layout.type = PatternLayout
appender.console.layout.pattern = %d %5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n appender.console.layout.pattern = %d %5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n
#Set the behavior of the FILE appender #Set the behavior of the FILE appender
appender.file.type = File appender.file.type = File = LogToFile = LogToFile
appender.file.fileName=${sys:catalina.base}/logs/minerva.txt appender.file.fileName=${sys:catalina.base}/logs/minerva.txt
appender.file.layout.type=PatternLayout appender.file.layout.type=PatternLayout
appender.file.layout.pattern= %d %5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n appender.file.layout.pattern= %d %5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n = lcsb = lcsb
logger.minerva.level = debug logger.minerva.level = debug
#silence some debug information #silence some debug information = lcsb.mapviewer.persist.DbUtils = lcsb.mapviewer.persist.DbUtils
logger.minerva-persist.level = info logger.minerva-persist.level = info = lcsb.mapviewer.annotation.cache = lcsb.mapviewer.annotation.cache
logger.minerva-cache.level = info logger.minerva-cache.level = info
#remove spring info messages #remove spring info messages = org.springframework = org.springframework
logger.springframework.level = warn logger.springframework.level = warn
#remove hibernate info messages #remove hibernate info messages = org.hibernate = org.hibernate
logger.hibernate.level = warn logger.hibernate.level = warn
rootLogger.level = info rootLogger.level = info
rootLogger.appenderRefs = console, file rootLogger.appenderRefs = console, file
rootLogger.appenderRef.console.ref = STDOUT rootLogger.appenderRef.console.ref = STDOUT
rootLogger.appenderRef.file.ref = LogToFile rootLogger.appenderRef.file.ref = LogToFile
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