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......@@ -36,17 +36,16 @@ public class DrugbankHTMLParserTest extends AnnotationTestFunctions {
private PermanentDatabaseLevelCacheInterface permanentDatabaseLevelCache;
public void test1FindDrug() throws Exception {
public void testFindUrokinase() throws Exception {
Drug test = drugBankHTMLParser.findDrug("Urokinase");
assertEquals(MiriamType.DRUGBANK, test.getSources().get(0).getDataType());
assertEquals("DB00013", test.getSources().get(0).getResource());
assertEquals("Urokinase", test.getName());
boolean res = test.getDescription().contains(
"Low molecular weight form of human urokinase, that consists of an A chain of 2,000 daltons linked by a sulfhydryl bond to a B chain of 30,400 daltons. Recombinant urokinase plasminogen activator");
boolean res = test.getDescription().contains("Urokinase is an endogenous peptide that is cleaved");
assertEquals(10, test.getTargets().size());
assertEquals(8, test.getTargets().size());
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