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= Rest API Documentation
Piotr Gawron
v{project-version} {build-time}
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== Introduction
Rest API is located in /api/ path of the deployed application. For instance, Rest API of pdmap project that can be browsed using will be located here:
Rest API tries to follow link:[API Design Guide] by Google.
For API calls that require authentication MINERVA_AUTH_TOKEN obtained during login process must be included.
== QuickStart guide
Here is sample example that shows information about all projects accessible by guest account (anonymous user):
If we are interested in the API calls that require more privileges than anonymous user we need to login first:
The response creates an authentication token and puts it into a cookie MINERVA_AUTH_TOKEN=xxxxxxxx. When using console curl command this cookie must be attached to every query that follows. When we have authentication token we can access information about specific user on the server:
== Categories
=== <<authentication.adoc#,Authentication>>
=== <<configuration.adoc#,Configuration>>
Methods allowing to obtain configuration information from server and updating it with proper privileges
=== <<converter.adoc#,Converter>>
Conversion API provides access to MINERVA’s ability to convert between different systems biology network formats and to export of layouts to different graphical formats
=== <<file.adoc#,Files>>
Methods that allow to upload files into the system
=== <<genomics.adoc#,Genomics>>
Methods allowing to access genome data
=== <<mesh.adoc#,Mesh>>
Methods allowing to access info about mesh data
=== <<plugin.adoc#,Plugins>>
Methods allowing to store some data for plugin infrastructure
=== <<project.adoc#,Project>>
Set of methods allowing to obtain information about projects and allowing to create new project and modifying existing ones
=== <<taxonomy.adoc#,Taxonomy>>
Methods allowing to access info about taxonomy data
=== <<user.adoc#,Users>>
Set of methods allowing to obtain and manage users and their access control
= Rest API Documentation - Project
Piotr Gawron
v{project-version} {build-time}
:toc: left
=== <<project_data.adoc#,Project Data>>
=== <<project_chemicals.adoc#,Project Chemicals>>
=== <<project_comments.adoc#,Project Comments>>
=== <<project_drugs.adoc#,Project Drugs>>
=== <<project_maps.adoc#,Project Maps>>
=== <<project_mirna.adoc#,Project Micro RNA>>
=== <<project_overlays.adoc#,Project Overlays>>
=== <<project_privileges.adoc#,Project Privileges>>
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