Commit 01cd6048 authored by Piotr Gawron's avatar Piotr Gawron
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those fields are unused

parent b70a1fe3
......@@ -79,18 +79,15 @@ public class OverlayRestImpl extends BaseRestImpl {
result.put("order", overlay.getOrderIndex());
result.put("description", overlay.getDescription());
result.put("publicOverlay", overlay.isPublic());
result.put("defaultOverlay", false);
result.put("type", overlay.getColorSchemaType());
result.put("genomeType", overlay.getGenomeType());
result.put("genomeVersion", overlay.getGenomeVersion());
result.put("googleLicenseConsent", overlay.isGoogleLicenseConsent());
result.put("images", new ArrayList<>());
if (overlay.getCreator() != null) {
result.put("creator", overlay.getCreator().getLogin());
result.put("inputDataAvailable", overlay.getInputData() != null);
return result;
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