Commit f672b03c authored by Marek Ostaszewski's avatar Marek Ostaszewski
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overlay update

parent 9083bd51
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ token_GET <- function(mnv_base, query, token) {
overlays <- fromJSON(token_GET(map_base, "overlays/", token))
### Select only overlays of this user (not public) that have data behind them
selected_overlays <- overlays[!overlays$publicOverlay & overlays$inputDataAvailable, c("idObject", "name")]
selected_overlays <- overlays[!overlays$publicOverlay & overlays$creator == login, c("idObject", "name")]
### Retrieve all elements' ids and names, for later resolution
models <- fromJSON(token_GET(map_base, "models/", token), flatten = F)
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