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# practice
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# Advanced git course - Practice repository
## How to get started?
- Fork this repository by clicking on the `Fork` button on the top right of this page.
- Clone your forked repository to your local computer.
:warning: **Make sure that you have your SSH key and `git` properly configured**.
$ git clone<yourName>/advanced-git-practice.git
## Create your own branch
The development scheme is based on a stable `master` branch and a development branch named `develop`.
Before making changes, create your own branch from `develop`:
$ cd advanced-git-practice
$ git checkout develop # this switches the branch to develop
$ git checkout -b myBranch # this checks out a new branch called myBranch
## Make your changes
Copy the file `` in the folder `_attendees` and rename it with your firstname:
$ cd _attendees
$ cp
Then, make your changes with your favorite editor!
## Commit your changes and push
When you are done editing your file, add the file to the stage and commit it:
$ git add
$ git commit -m "Edit the content of the subpage"
Once you are done committing, you can push your branch to your fork:
$ git push origin myBranch
## Open a pull-request
If you now browse to your fork on Github, you can open a pull request and submit it for review.
:warning: Please make sure to select `develop` as the target branch.
:warning: Watch out for comments from the reviewer! If there are things to be changed, simply change locally, commit,
and then push again. The pull-request will update automatically.
Once the pull request has been accepted, you will be able to see your page online! :tada:
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