[Diff since v0.5.5](https://github.com/LCSB-BioCore/SBML.jl/compare/v0.5.5...v0.5.6)

**Closed issues:**
- Reversible Reaction handling through direct lowering to ODESystem (#51)
- Throw warning instead of error when not hOSU and compartment unsized (#101)
- piecewise handling fails (#112)
- Stoichiometry extraction fails when species appears on both sides of chemical reaction equation (#115)

**Merged pull requests:**
- Turn some anonymous functions into proper named functions (#110) (@giordano)
- add issue templates to promote decent format of bug reports (#113) (@exaexa)
- fix argument order and count for piecewise function (#114) (@exaexa)
- quickfix: do not break stoichiometry if 2 species references are present (#116) (@exaexa)
- handle SBML error severities (and don't throw on warnings) (#117) (@exaexa)
- Allow rescue in very deep failure with hOSU and extensive math (#118) (@exaexa)
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