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add issue templates to promote decent format of bug reports

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name: Error/crash/problem report
about: Something that should work but does not, or produces wrong results.
## Minimal code example to reproduce the problem
> Include a reproducible sample of code that causes the problem. Others should
> be able to reproduce your problem by just copypasting your code into Julia
> shell. Use `download` to get any necessary datasets from the internet.
using SBML
download("", "model.xml")
## Expected behavior
> Describe what you expected to happen if the above code worked correctly, and
> why you think that behavior is correct.
## Actual behavior
> What was the unexpected thing that happened instead?
## Optional: Suggestions for fixing
> Feel free to suggest whatever change in the package that might remove the
> described problematic behavior. You may want to open a pull request if you
> already have a fix.
name: Feature request
about: Suggest new things to be implemented in the package
## Target functionality
> Write a (pseudo)code example that you would like to work. If there is a
> dataset that you want to load in a new way (e.g., parse out new data from
> `libsbml`), include a link to the dataset.
## Desired output
> Suggest what would be the optimal output of the above "target" command for
> you, or how the newly loaded data should be represented by SBML.jl.
## Optional: Suggestions for implementation
> Feel free to point out a viable way to add the functionality, including
> pointers to required API functions and ideas about new data structures.
> If you have a code that implements the feature (at least partially), you may
> want to open a pull request instead.
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