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......@@ -78,6 +78,20 @@ end
function readSBML(fn::String, sbml_conversion = model->nothing)::SBML.Model
Read the SBML from a XML file in `fn` and return the contained `SBML.Model`.
The `sbml_conversion` is a function that does an in-place modification of the
single parameter, which is the C pointer to the loaded SBML document (C type
`SBMLDocument*`). Several functions for doing that are prepared, including
[`convert_level_and_version`](@ref), [`libsbml_convert`](@ref), and
# Example
m = readSBML("my_model.xml", doc -> begin
convert_level_and_version(3, 1)(doc)
function readSBML(fn::String, sbml_conversion = document -> nothing)::SBML.Model
doc = ccall(sbml(:readSBML), VPtr, (Cstring,), fn)
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