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......@@ -103,12 +103,25 @@ initial_concentrations(m::SBML.Model; convert_amounts = false) = (
extensive_kinetic_math(m::SBML.Model, formula::SBML.Math)
function extensive_kinetic_math(
handle_empty_compartment_size = (id::String) -> throw(
"Non-substance-only-unit reference to species `\$id' in an unsized compartment `\$(m.species[id].compartment)'",
Convert a SBML math `formula` to "extensive" kinetic laws, where the references
to species that are marked as not having only substance units are converted
from amounts to concentrations.
If the data is missing, you can supply a function that adds them. A common way
to handle errors is to assume that unsized compartments have volume 1.0 (of
whatever units), you can specify that behavior by supplying
`handle_empty_compartment_size = _ -> 1.0`.
Handling of units in the conversion process is ignored in this version.
function extensive_kinetic_math(
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