Commit aa73c957 authored by anand jain's avatar anand jain
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rational mathval

parent b498d676
......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ function parse_math(ast::VPtr)::Math
return MathConst(get_string(ast, :ASTNode_getName))
elseif ast_is(ast, :ASTNode_isInteger)
return MathVal(ccall(sbml(:ASTNode_getInteger), Cint, (VPtr,), ast))
elseif ast_is(ast, :ASTNode_isRational)
return MathVal(ccall(sbml(:ASTNode_getNumerator), Cint, (VPtr,), ast)//ccall(sbml(:ASTNode_getDenominator), Cint, (VPtr,), ast))
elseif ast_is(ast, :ASTNode_isReal)
return MathVal(ccall(sbml(:ASTNode_getReal), Cdouble, (VPtr,), ast))
elseif ast_is(ast, :ASTNode_isFunction)
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