Commit 74e64ee7 authored by Miroslav Kratochvil's avatar Miroslav Kratochvil
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add test for initial cs/amounts

parent 6b710965
......@@ -68,3 +68,12 @@ end
m = readSBML(joinpath(@__DIR__, "data", "sbml00852.xml"))
@test all(contains_time.(r.kinetic_math for (_, r) in m.reactions))
@testset "Initial amounts and concentrations" begin
m = readSBML(joinpath(@__DIR__, "data", "sbml00852.xml"))
@test all(isnothing.(SBML.initial_concentrations(m)))
@test length(SBML.initial_amounts(m)) == 4
@test sum(SBML.initial_amounts(m)) == 0.001
@test sum(SBML.initial_concentrations(m, convert_amounts = true)) == 0.001
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