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Merge pull request #120 from giordano/mg/version

Rename `SBMLVersion` -> `Version` and unexport it
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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ include("utils.jl")
sbml(sym::Symbol) = dlsym(SBML_jll.libsbml_handle, sym)
export SBMLVersion, readSBML, getS, getLBs, getUBs, getOCs
export readSBML, getS, getLBs, getUBs, getOCs
export set_level_and_version, libsbml_convert, convert_simplify_math
end # module
function SBMLVersion()
function SBML.Version()
Get the version of the used SBML library in Julia version format.
function SBMLVersion()::VersionNumber
function Version()::VersionNumber
VersionNumber(unsafe_string(ccall(sbml(:getLibSBMLDottedVersion), Cstring, ())))
@testset "CCall to SBML works and SBML returns a version" begin
@test SBMLVersion() isa VersionNumber
@test SBML.Version() isa VersionNumber
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