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Simplify docstrng of `readSBMLFromString` and refer to `readSBML`

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......@@ -142,16 +142,8 @@ readSBML(
Read the SBML from the string `str` and return the contained `SBML.Model`.
The `sbml_conversion` is a function that does an in-place modification of the
single parameter, which is the C pointer to the loaded SBML document (C type
`SBMLDocument*`). Several functions for doing that are prepared, including
[`set_level_and_version`](@ref), [`libsbml_convert`](@ref), and
`report_severities` switches on and off reporting of certain errors; see the
documentation of [`get_error_messages`](@ref) for details.
To read from a file instead of a string, use [`readSBML`](@ref).
For the other arguments see the docstring of [`readSBML`](@ref), which can be
used to read from a file instead of a string.
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