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(Imperial bonus: DYO is the new MPG!)
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Part of a measurement unit definition that corresponds to the SBML definition
of `Unit`. For example, "per square megahour", Mh^(-2), is written as:
of `Unit`. For example, the unit "per square megahour", Mh^(-2), is written as:
UnitPart("second", # base unit of time
UnitPart("second", # base SI unit, this says we are measuring time
-2, # exponent, says "per square"
6, # scale in powers of 10, says "mega"
6, # log-10 scale of the unit, says "mega"
1/3600) # second-to-hour multiplier
Compound units (such as "volt-amperes" and "dozens of yards per ounce") are
built from multiple `UnitPart`s; see the definition of field `units` in
struct UnitPart
......@@ -31,7 +35,8 @@ struct Reaction
Species metadata -- human-readable name and compartment identifier
Species metadata -- contains a human-readable `name`, and a `compartment`
struct Species
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