Commit 1d41046a authored by Miroslav Kratochvil's avatar Miroslav Kratochvil
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handle SBML error severities (don't throw on warnings)

parent ea39152c
......@@ -139,14 +139,25 @@ Show the error messages reported by SBML in the `doc` document and throw the
function get_error_messages(doc::VPtr, error::Exception)
n_errs = ccall(sbml(:SBMLDocument_getNumErrors), Cuint, (VPtr,), doc)
do_throw = false
for i = 1:n_errs
err = ccall(sbml(:SBMLDocument_getError), VPtr, (VPtr, Cuint), doc, i - 1)
msg = string(strip(get_string(err, :XMLError_getMessage)))
@error "SBML reported error: $(msg)"
if n_errs > 0
sev = string(strip(get_string(err, :XMLError_getSeverityAsString)))
# keywords from `libsbml/src/sbml/xml/XMLError.cpp` xmlSeverityStringTable:
if sev == "Fatal"
@error "SBML reported fatal error: $(msg)"
do_throw = true
elseif sev == "Error"
@error "SBML reported error: $(msg)"
do_throw = true
elseif sev == "Warning"
@warn "SBML reported warning: $(msg)"
else # sev=="Informational"
@info "SBML reported: $(msg)"
do_throw && throw(error)
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