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remove the boring binarybuilder discussion from README, replace with something useful

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......@@ -5,32 +5,6 @@ This is a simple wrap of some of the libSBML functionality.
Current status is "under development", something works, more wrapped stuff will
be added by need.
## How to use this
First, build the C++ library and a wrapper and register it in your julia
installation. You need BinaryBuilder for that:
Pkg] add BinaryBuilder
After the BinaryBuilder is installed, the build script should be able to build
a lot of different versions of the package for possible architectures and
configurations. You usually want to specify a single architecture to build. The
`--deploy` option puts the new package to a place where Julia can find it
./build_tarballs.jl x86_64-linux-gnu --deploy=local
After that, you should be able to load the SBML package in Julia:
Pkg] dev --local .
julia> using SBML
julia> getLibSBMLDottedVersion()
## Usage
......@@ -43,3 +17,9 @@ m.species
There are several helper functions, for example you can get a nice list of reactions, metabolites and the stoichiometric matrix as follows:
mets, rxns, S = getS(model)
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