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  1. 18 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      simplify type signatures · 4ab0cc08
      Miroslav Kratochvil authored
      We don't need the `where` clauses if there's just one MetabolicModel
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      convert the errors from missing model properties to typesafe soft-fails · e870b51b
      Miroslav Kratochvil authored
      Design decision: Because we can't have typeclasses even as type tags, we can
      not enforce that the functions will be able to statically typecheck that the
      given model can in fact return e.g. a genetics-relevant information. Failing
      deep in the code because of missing implementation is not an option either.
      This is the third choice -- if something's missing, we should just return a
      correctly typed "empty" state. Arguably this is good also for converting and
      writing models, where it reduces the amount of mixed possibilities for the
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