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Add some more explanations for FVA and add `flux_summary` usage to notebook
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......@@ -86,6 +86,10 @@ dict_soln = flux_balance_analysis_dict(
# This solution can be display using `flux_summary`. Note, this pretty printing only works
# on flux solutions that are represented as dictionaries.
# ## Flux variability analysis (FVA)
# The default FVA in [`flux_variability_analysis`](@ref) returns maximized and
......@@ -107,6 +111,31 @@ fva_mins, fva_maxs = flux_variability_analysis_dict(
fva_maxs["R_EX_ac_e"]["R_EX_ac_e"] # get the maximal acetate exchange flux
# Another option is to display this information using `flux_variability_summary`. This
# pretty printing only works on flux variability analysis results where dictionary keys indicate
# which flux is optimized and the associated value is a flux dictionary.
flux_variability_summary((fva_mins, fva_maxs))
# More sophisticated variants of [`flux_variability_analysis`](@ref) can be used to extract
# specific pieces of information from the solved optimization problems. Here the objective
# value of the minimized flux and the associated biomass growth rate is returned instead
# of every flux.
biomass_idx = first(indexin(["BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM"], reactions(model))) # index of biomass function
vs = flux_variability_analysis(
bounds = objective_bounds(0.50), # biomass can vary up to 50% less than optimum
modifications = [
change_optimizer_attribute("IPM_IterationsLimit", 500),
change_constraint("EX_glc__D_e", -10, -10),
change_constraint("EX_o2_e", 0.0, 0.0),
ret = m -> (COBREXA.JuMP.objective_value(m), COBREXA.JuMP.value(m[:x][25])), # m is the model and m[:x] extracts the fluxes from the model
fva_mins = Dict(rxn => flux for (rxn, flux) in zip(reactions(model), vs[:, 1]))
# ## Parsimonious flux balance analysis (pFBA)
# Parsimonious flux balance analysis (here in
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